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Legacy Bank offers a range of convenient services to its customers. With their extensive ATM network, customers can easily access cash and perform various transactions. Direct deposit allows for seamless and secure transfer of funds into accounts. Debit cards provide a convenient way to make purchases and access funds. Safe deposit boxes offer a secure storage solution for valuable items. Check reorders ensure a steady supply of checks. These are just a few of the many services Legacy Bank provides to meet customers’ financial needs.

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Legacy Bank, in Virginia, offers banking solutions including checking accountssavings accountsmortgagesauto loans, and more. Bank online, with our mobile app, or visit one of our conveniently located branches.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

The ATMs enable you to obtain money when you need it. Check with us about attaining a Debit card. Use it at any Legacy Bank locations ATM, check your balance or transfer funds. You may use our card at any CIRRUS ATM. What a convenience for the college student, technology never seems to stop advancing. Come visit us today for your own Debit card.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
ACH provides a process of moving money from an account at one institution to an account at another institution. You may use direct deposit to receive your payday or Social Security direct deposit to your account at Legacy Bank.
Merchant Card Processing

Legacy Bank can provide the equipment needed for merchants to accept credit and transactions. Merchant’s customers can make purchases without cash or writing a check.

Cashier's Checks

Cashier’s Checks may be purchased. These provide a secure way of handling money that is collected funds to the bank.

Bank by Mail

We also accept mail transactions. To help make your life easier, you may mail checks in for loan payments or for deposits into your account.

 Visa Debit Card

Your Debit Card is quicker than checks and better than cash. Legacy Bank Visa check card works like two cards in one – it combines the account access of an ATM card with the universal buying power of the Visa Debit Card. Simplify your life; present the check card and pay for your purchase directly from your checking account. Use your Legacy Bank Visa Debit Card worldwide, wherever Visa is welcome.

All Debit cards are issued with enhanced-security chip cards. These high-tech cards are accepted in the U.S. and around the world and contain an embedded computer chip that adds a new layer of protection against fraud. Visit one of our locations to apply for your Legacy Bank Visa Debit Card to go along with your Legacy Bank checking account.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Wire Transfers

Legacy Bank and all of its locations initiate and electronically wire transfer funds in a secure and confidential environment.

Night Depository

Twenty-four-hour depository for your convenience at all of our convenient locations.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are available for rent at the main branch in Grundy or at our other conveniently located branches in Hurley, Abingdon, and Claypool Hill.

Your Bank. Your Future.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient and secure service offered by Legacy Bank. It allows customers to have their paychecks, government benefits, or other recurring payments directly deposited into their bank accounts. With direct deposit, customers no longer need to worry about physically depositing checks or waiting in line at the bank. Funds are automatically deposited into the designated account on the scheduled payment date, ensuring timely access to funds. This service is not only convenient but also eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks.

Legacy Bank provides easy setup for direct deposit, allowing customers to provide their employer or payment provider with the necessary account information. With direct deposit, customers can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with automated and secure fund transfers.

“Wonderful customer service!”

Margaret Branham (Google Review)

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